Gait analysis refers to the understanding of the muscles and skeletal system using a variety of instruments. We can measure the amount of force and pressure of the dog using each leg (kinetics), and the angles to which the dog flexes and extends each joint (kinematics) including the head neck and tail.

Using equipment, such as a forceplate embedded in a walkway, or our specialist pressure-sensitive mat (Tekscan) and high speed motion capture cameras, recording a dog on a treadmill,  we are able to identify alterations in normal joint function and assess response to treatment.

With Kistler force plates, gait analyses deliver precise and reliable results. Piezoelectric measurement technology ensures that forces and moments are registered accurately in a variety of applications: research, neurosciences, rehabilitation and adaptation of prostheses, to name but a few. Kistler force measurement systems detect even the smallest changes in the gait pattern or shifts in the center of gravity – and they also enable exact calculation of the center of pressure for precise kinematics.


Using optical motion capture, Qualisys provide tools for precisely measuring canine movements. Using our sequence coded active markers, tracking is taken to a whole new level.
There are similarities between the animal and human application field in terms of questions and problems that are addressed. For instance the wish to detect injuries at an early stage or to find the optimal movement pattern for physiotherapy techniques (rehabilitation) are shared interests independent if the measurement object is a dog or a human.


Visual3D is the premier biomechanics analysis tool for measuring movement and force data as collected by almost any kind of 3D motion capture system. We use this Microsoft windows application to provide calculations needed for Kinematics and kinetics.